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Apple Regional Training Centre

The Cam Academy Trust is pleased to announce that it has once again been recognised as an Apple Regional Training Centre so will continue its role for 2023-24.

Being selected as an Apple Regional Training Centre highlights our commitment to facilitating training for teachers to develop skills and build confidence to use Apple technology in the classroom.

In 2019 the Trust embarked on a journey to use iPads to enhance teaching and learning in all of our schools. Since then, 3 of our secondary schools are now using iPads in a 1:1 environment and all primary schools are integrating the use of iPads into their curriculum. The use of iPads by pupils and staff has the potential to: provide opportunities to enhance pupils’ overall learning experience; give access to learning anywhere, anytime – both in classrooms and at home; narrow the digital divide between pupils; encourage pupils to become more independent in their learning; personalise learning to suit individual pupils and provide opportunities to create and share work.

We believe that iPads empower us to work together to open new avenues to learning, so that our staff and students are flexible, creative, digitally literate and better prepared for the future.  

Apple Regional Training Centres create a community to share best practice and support teaching staff to attain Apple Teacher status, a professional learning programme designed to support and celebrate educators. Teachers from across the Trust, region and local authority can attend courses to build knowledge and skills and earn badges to achieve Apple Teacher recognition.

To find out more, please visit the Apple Teacher website:

Please follow the link to our CAT RTC YouTube Channel, which is updated with 'how to' videos and recordings of training: You can also find all of our events listed here:






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