Latest News: Cambourne VIllage College are shortlisted for the School of the Year award
Trust IT apprentice wins award
Students from schools in the Trust filled the top four places at the Spanish Foreign Language Spelling Bee Regional Finals
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Trust Policies

These policies apply to all our academies and have been approved in consultation with the Audit & Risk Committee on behalf of the Trust Board.

The Trusts named responsible officer is responsible for overseeing adoption, review at Trust board level and liaison with academies about implementation.  If individual academies believe there is a strong case for adding specific contextual information to nuance these standard Trust policies, they should only do so in agreement with the named Trust responsible officer. 

Charges and Remissions Policy
Complaints Policy and Procedures
Data Protection Policy
Digital Data Retention Policy

Driving Policy (this policy is currently up for review)
Equality and Diversity Policy

Financial Procedures Handbook 2017
Fraud Policy

Freedom of Information Policy
Gifts and Hospitality Policy (this policy is currently up for review)
ICT and e-Safety Policy
IT Acceptable Use - Pupil Policy
IT Acceptable Use - Staff Policy
International Policy 
Maternity & Paternity Policy
Pay & Remuneration Policy
Risk Management Policy

Safer Employment Policy (this policy is currently up for review)
Social Media Policy 
Staff Capability Policy
Staff Disciplinary Policy
Staff Grievance Policy
Staff Restructuring Policy (this policy is currently up for review)
Volunteers Policy
Whistleblowing Policy

Trust/Academy Policies

These policies must be adopted and can be adapted by Local Governing Bodies.  The Trust policy is overseen by the identified responsible officer and serves as a model for the individual academy policy.

Admissions Policy (see individual school websites)
Attendance Policy (this policy is currently being reviewed)
CAT Framework for Academy Assessment Policies
CAT Framework for Academy Behaviour Policies
CAT Framework for Academy Curriculum Policies
CAT Framework for Academy Teaching and Learning Policies
Pupil Personal Mobile Device Policy
Safeguarding Policy
Special Educational Needs Policy