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Becoming a Teacher

The Cam Academy Trust strongly supports the training of new teachers to become qualified members of the teaching profession. It does this through its extensive and significant role as a leading part of the Cambridge Teaching Schools Network. Full details about this are on the CTSN website.

Our sustained and extensive involvement in Initial Teacher Education also includes working with local HEI’s to provide Post Graduate Certificate of Education training through the Schools Direct programme. In addition, we operate a School Direct salaried and non-salaried route into the profession through our SCITT. 

Comberton and Cambourne Village Colleges play a major part as designated Teaching Schools which help to lead the School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) Programme. Comberton is also the Eastern Regional Training Centre for the Future Teaching Scholars Programme. This recruits young people interested in teaching maths or physics , prior to university and supports them to become teachers with a bursaries and a six year scheme of training.

The CTSN SCITT operates teacher training for primary (based at Histon and Impington Junior School) and secondary phases (based at Comberton Village College). There are a range of programmes, salaried and non-salaried, full-time and flexible. Trust schools can become involved through the offer of placements either salaried, the trainee is a member of staff for a year, with a starting timetable load of 20% which will then increase or non-salaried where they are not employed by the school.

Engagement with the SCITT will provide professional development opportunity for those colleagues taking on mentoring or professional tutor roles. It also offers a potential route for recruitment and “growing your own” teachers. We also work in partnership with the Cambridge Partnership, a further locally based SCITT that gives an alternative approach to teacher training appropriate to some candidates. Martin Lee is the Trust’s Director of Teacher Education and takes a strategic lead of the CTSN SCITT.

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