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Katie May

Interim Headteacher at Everton Heath Primary School

Katie May has been working at The Cam Academy Trust for three years. Despite joining the Trust just before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, this didn’t hinder Katie’s career progression through wider opportunities and development that continued to be made available to colleagues across the Trust.

Now the Interim Headteacher at Everton Heath Primary School, Katie has shared her career journey and her experience working for the Trust.

What is your background in education?

“I have taught in both the primary and secondary sectors, as well as working in alternative provisions. Following the 2-tier restructuring by Bedford Borough, I was teaching in a secondary school but wanted to return to primary education, leading me to take on a position as UKS2 Lead at Gamlingay Village Primary School. Despite joining in 2020, just weeks before lockdown, it was this experience that made me realise how great Gamlingay and The Cam Academy Trust were in making sure staff felt supported in their roles.

“Instead of it being a difficult experience, I felt empowered to create a creative home learning curriculum with my team and ensure that learning opportunities were not missed.”

What’s your favourite thing about the role?

“Now being Interim Headteacher at Everton Heath Primary, this is not a role I initially envisaged I would be in but I am really enjoying the challenge. Every day is different and the school is at the start of an exciting educational journey. I am also lucky to work with such enthusiastic colleagues who want to make a difference in our young people’s lives.”

What do you find useful or positive about being part of The Cam Academy Trust

I love being given the opportunity to build relationships with colleagues at other schools, and to share ideas and best practices. As a small village school, Everton Heath only has four teachers. However, by being part of the Trust and the West Village Partnership (alongside Gamlingay Village Primary and Offord Primary), we are able to use resources and staff from the other schools to help us to develop and improve our curriculum.”

How has working for The Cam Academy Trust provided you with opportunities (including training or CPD) or links you might otherwise not have made?

“As part of my role, I got to complete my National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership last year, which focused on marking and live feedback for writing. My project allowed me to develop a better understanding of how to move pupil attainment forward, whilst reducing teacher workload, which has proved invaluable in supporting the staff in my teams.

“I was not expecting to be Head at Everton Heath Primary as I moved to the school in a secondment post as a senior teacher in September and only expected to help support closer working with the West Village Partnership schools. However, the opportunity to lead the school arose and since taking on this role, I have been fully supported by the Trust, the other Primary Heads and staff from other schools within the Trust.

“These links have been invaluable as every day I realise I need to know something new and every day I find the person that can help me with that. I am not only developing as a senior leader, but I am also able to help my team and pupils progress too.”

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