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Simon Luxton

Assistant Associate Headteacher with responsibility for disadvantaged students and Head of English Reading and Literacy at Melbourn Village College

Having worked in education for almost 20 years, Simon Luxton has had a varied journey within the sector.

Starting his career as a Teaching Assistant, progressing to a Specialist Leader in Education, and more recently his promotion to an Assistant Associate Headteacher, he brings of a wealth of experience to his current role at Melbourn Village College (MVC).

He has been working at The Cam Academy Trust for a year and, in his current role, manages several key areas.

What is your background in education?

“I started my teaching career back in 2005 initially as a Teaching Assistant before completing my teacher training and working my way up to becoming an English Second in Department.

I was then seconded into the Senior Leadership Team, where I focused my time on enhancing the learning experience for disadvantaged students. Here I was responsible for ensuring these students received the best possible education experience at school, including working in partnership with parents and other stakeholders to improve student outcomes.

Following this, I took on a role as Head of English, where I stayed for five years, before moving to a Specialist Leader in Education role at an ‘Outstanding’ school within an ‘Outstanding’ Trust.

I joined MVC in 2023 as the Head of English Reading and Literacy, as I could see, and resonated with, Christopher Bennet’s (Executive Headteacher at MVC) long-term vision for the school, and how it was on the same journey towards ‘Outstanding’ as the school at which I had just worked.”

How has your time at Melbourn Village College supported you with your career?

“I have been extremely fortunate during my time at Melbourn and have been supported in every step of my career here, culminating in most recently being promoted to Assistant Associate Headteacher.

My time here has enabled me to rediscover what it was that I really loved about teaching, and that is a great feeling.

Also, the Senior Leadership team are great at identifying people’s strengths and recognising potential. Not only that, but they are great at empowering staff to creatively achieve their objectives and provide them with the opportunities to try new things.”

What do you find useful or positive about part out The Cam Academy Trust?

“I have worked in three academy trusts in my career, and The Cam Academy Trust is the one where I have felt most supported and secure.

The level of care you receive, whether it is for mental health, general wellbeing, or simply how information is communicated - it is the best I have experienced in my near 20 years within the education sector.”

What is your favourite thing about the role?

“My favourite thing about all three of my roles is the freedom to explore different ideas that I think will work and the flexibility to try out new things without the fear of getting it wrong. This is so important to me in my roles, as being in such a supportive and nurturing environment has meant that I feel assured and challenged - helping me to achieve my best.

The level of support I receive across the board from staff and the wider school community is also amazing.”

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