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Vicky McGregor

SENDCo at Hartford Infant School

Vicky McGregor has been working at The Cam Academy Trust for five years, bringing a wealth of experience to her current role after 29 years as a primary school educator.

Vicky’s role focuses on developing strong working partnerships with teachers, teaching assistants and parents to ensure that the needs of SEND pupils are heard and met.

What is your background in education?

“I started teaching 33 years ago and taught across the primary phase. I was a class teacher for many years before starting at Hartford Infant School, where I started taking on additional leadership responsibilities with a particular focus on pastoral care and SEND.”

What’s your favourite part of the role?

“My favourite part of my role is how transformational it can be if a child (and their family) has improved wellbeing because of something we have put in place. If pastoral care is right, levels of anxiety reduce, people are happier and calmer, and outcomes improve. Seeing children more able to engage in learning and master challenges is amazing!

“Working with parents who aren’t positive about the school experience, which can be for a whole range of reasons (but tends to be based on their own childhood experience) and turning this perspective and relationship around is also very rewarding.

"Being part of a committed team who have the best interests of children and their parents/carers at the forefront of their mind. The whole team at Hartford are amazing! I have never worked with such an inspirational team. I learn from them every day.”

 What do you find useful or positive about being part of The Cam Academy Trust

“This is the second multi-academy trust I’ve worked for, and CAT is different in a positive way. There are more opportunities for support and collaborative work, and in my role specifically I have access to the Mental Health Group and the SENDCo Forum.

“Working with colleagues from across the Trust’s network of schools, and across age phases, has also been helpful.

“I have been able to visit most of the schools within the Trust now and have taken part in SEND audits. These enable us to support and improve our SEND provision across the Trust and are also a great opportunity to magpie ideas.”

How has working for The Cam Academy Trust provided you with opportunities (including training or CPD) or links you might otherwise not have made?

“Building relationships with the other SENDCos has been incredibly beneficial. I work particularly closely with Charlotte Deaves and Stella Frampton, who work in the same local area.

“Both provide me with informal supervision and an opportunity to discuss any SEND related issues.  Any frustrations or suggestions have always been recognised by the SEND Director, Emma Neagle, who has even sourced support from Garry Freeman, a SEND law specialist.

“We have also been supported by the wonderful Beth Ouzman, Senior Behaviour Consultant at Inclusive Development. This support was instigated by CAT and has made a huge difference to the children and families she has worked with.”

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