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Policies (Category 1)

The policies available to download from this page apply to all our academies and have been approved in consultation with the Audit & Risk Committee on behalf of the Trust Board.

The Trust's named responsible officer is responsible for overseeing adoption, review at Trust board level and liaison with academies about implementation. If individual academies believe there is a strong case for adding specific contextual information to nuance these standard Trust policies, they should only do so in agreement with the named Trust responsible officer. 

Trust Frameworks (for Category 2 policies)

Each academy must develop and adopt its own policy in each of these areas. These must be consistent with the Trust frameworks below.  Each Trust framework is overseen by the identified responsible officer. The named responsible officer should be consulted when local governing bodies are reviewing and adopting academy policies.

Admissions Policy (see individual academy's website)

Framework for Assessment Policy

Framework for Attendance Policy (with addendum)

Framework for Behaviour Policy

Framework for Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Framework for Curriculum Policy

Framework for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Framework for Personal Mobile Device Policy

Framework for Pupil Equality and Diversity Policy

Framework for Quality Assurance, Development Planning & Self-Evaluation

Framework for SEND May 2022

Framework for Staff Ethical and Professional Conduct

Framework for Teaching and Learning Policy


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