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Primary Curriculum

The Primary Curriculum has been developed as a set of parameters in which all of the Trust Primary Schools sit. This gives the flexibility for each school to adapt the curriculum to suit the context and needs of the school, but still work towards a single vision which incorporates the Trust principles and values.

Please click here to read a fuller explanation of our Primary Curriculum or click here to see the 'big picture' document. Both are also available to download from this page.

Primary Curriculum Support

We have appointed Primary Trust Subject Leads in each subject area to enhance the curriculum support within our primary schools. These leaders attend training, lead network meetings, offer school to school support and offer advice to subject leaders and senior leaders in school.

These leaders are:

Trust Primary Curriculum Leader - Em McMurray

EYFS & Phonics - Millie Chapman

English Strategic Lead - Alice Evans

Maths Strategic Lead - Katie Crozier

IT Strategic Lead - Robyn Newton

Science - Kirsty Allen

MFL - Anna Haupt

History - Angela Bottiglieri


Religious Education - Sophie Butcher

Physical Education - Will Emery

PSHE - Kirsty Hensleigh

Mental Health & Wellbeing - Annabelle Harder

Art - Laura Stewart


Design Technology - Beccy Boyden

Forest School - Philie Forster

Read our termly newsletters find out more about our subject leads.

Further information

The Trust produces a regular curriculum newsletter and you can access these by clicking on the links below or downloading them from the side of the page,

Newsletter 01 - Spring 2021

Newsletter 02 - Summer 2021

Newsletter 03 - Winter 2021

Newsletter 04 - Spring 2022

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