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Trust Maths Outreach

The Cam Academy Trust hosts the Cambridge Maths Hub and the two work closely together.

As the national Maths Hub programme has evolved, a wide selection of Work Groups has emerged. These are popular and attended by 80%+ of the region’s schools. 

As the programme has grown, it has inevitably, meant locally designed programmes can no longer be funded.  Many of these were popular and we have been asked by schools to continue them. We can do this through Cam Academy Trust Maths Outreach. The Work Groups are led by Maths Hub personnel and they remain free to schools. We hope you will find groups that would be helpful for the development of maths in your school.

A list of the Cam Academy Trust Work Groups will appear below.

Please contact for more information.

You can access the Cambridge Maths Hub Programme of Work groups here.

We are running programmes for Developing Mathematics for pupils with SEND and Maths in Stories. More information can be downloaded from this page.


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